Starting Each Business Day

Starting Each Business Day

Most Dental offices have one lucky staff person who’s job it is to come in an hour before everyone else and does some sort of early morning checklist.   The idea is that a small additional increase to the hourly wages can insure that the rest of the office is able to get off to a great start.   This person does 30-40 tiny tasks that make the office ready for business.  Of these tasks, usually 10 or so are important enough to put down on a list.

Example of Items you may have on your Startup Checklist:

  1. Turn on the x-ray machine
  2. Turn on all the OP computers and frontdesk computers.
  3. Turn off the answering service
  4. Update the patient lobby message/ turn on the keurig.
  5. Check to see if all patients are confirmed.
  6. If your office makes coffee- do so.
  7. Start making reminder calls.

But there is something missing from this list that needs to be added.

Check the backups!

Two things to look out for.

First.  The backup job needs to be done running.  If the backup job is still running, your system will run dog-slow as the staff start to put a load on the server.  If the load is too high, you may encounter extremely slow systems, time-out errors or a possibly a system crash that requires you to reboot the server while patients are in the chair.  Not Good!   Backups that don’t complete in time are usually a sign of something wrong.

Second.  The backup job needs to be inspected.  Backup programs are notorious for saying they are “Complete” but when you inspect them closely you find that the database was skipped because it was left open, or that the files transferred total exactly 0.0MB.  Tiny little misconfigurations, such as changing a password or renaming a folder can throw a backup job into disarray.

So, just as a recap.   Have your morning person add “checking backups” to her morning routine.  Make sure she knows HOW to actually inspect the backup jobs and to make sure that the really intense “full backups” are done running before the doors open.

Standard Computer is very efficient, systems are faster, employees are great, problems are addressed and fixed fast, equipment installed quickly.  When we call Standard Computer we don’t have to wait 2-3 days for someone to respond they are always available immediately.  We absolutely recommend their monthly services- Guys are great, always nice even when I call them early in the morning and wake them up!  Our previous IT company took days or weeks to call us back regarding problems with our computers.  The guys at standard computer are available 24-7, I have never had to wait.

-Gail Holmes, Office Manager

I already had a respectable IT company, I found out that I was missing out on the absolute best computer support available. I also found out that I had quite a few problems with my network that could have caused major headaches soon. I was very disappointed that my previous company missed these issues after what I had been paying them. The "team" of standard Computer was very impressive. 24 hour service, 100% Knowledge, this team is 100% appreciative of your business!    I have dealt with at lead 4 (four) computer gurus during my 24 years of practice and now can relax knowing I’m covered by knowledgeable guys.

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-Dr. Steven Ray, Owner

Skinner Family Dentistry, Sherwood

“Our backup system wasn’t working. I received a letter & called right away. I talked to Sean and he came out the very next day. We now have a reliable backup. He and Jeremiah were able to figure out our needs and issues. We have received prompt attention we haven’t received in the past. Everyone has been so helpful. We have been really impressed with the knowledge of the staff.”

– Lorie Davis, Office Administrator

Skinner Family Dentistry, Sherwood
ASAP Smile Center, Little Rock

“Standard Computer has complete IT services and prevention. In my business, I can't have a computer or server go down and then wait days for another to be built and then have programs loaded so it can function. Having a HIPAA certified IT technician really is a stress relief. Other IT companies are behind on staying up-to-date on electronic HIPAA protocols.”

– Sean Gore DDS, Owner

ASAP Smile Center, Little Rock
Boatright Endodontics, Little Rock

" Standard Computer is prompt when responding to requests for service…which is very productive for our office. When the practice was changing locations, we needed immediate assistance so our daily routine would not be interrupted. Standard Computer responded and completed the task at OUR convenience.”

– Stephen W. Boatright DDS, Owner

Boatright Endodontics, Little Rock